Unions that went out to protest in Cumaná evaluate going to a general strike

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This Monday February 6th, the streets were once again the scene of protests by educators and various unions in Cumaná, capital of Sucre State. Public administration workers demand better wages and working conditions.

By La Patilla

Feb 6, 2023

Teachers, workers from the Sucre regional government, employees of the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) and the Universidad de Oriente (UDO), doctors, bio-analysts, people with disabilities and workers in the construction sector were present at the mobilization this Monday.

Natacha Córdova, union leader in this eastern state, stated: “today we are again on the streets accompanied by all public workers (…) Because we are demanding that our collective contract negotiations be finished. Enough of so much mistreatment and abuse towards us, enough of asking extras at the expense of our money. There is already a “comparsa” here, but of fallen (unpaid) salaries and empty refrigerators of teachers and all public workers.”

“With the “Serie del Caribe” (Caribbean Series, International Baseball Championship), what they want is to show that everything is fine here, and that is not the case (…) They say they do not have money to increase salaries and talk about a blockade, but they have money to build a stadium, bring in SUV’s and imported food, while the teachers are on foot,” added Córdova.

For their part, the healthcare workers denounced the serious crisis that the public healthcare network is going through due to the lack of attention from Nicolás Maduro’s regime and how difficult it is to attend to the community in the eastern part of the country. In addition, they called for a united effort to continue pressing for a better quality of life.

Various unions in the state do not rule out a general strike and continue on the streets to enforce their labor rights.

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